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Private 1 on 1 Lessons

Online one-on-one personalised language tutoring with native and international expert instructors.

Lessons for children

Top trained teachers with excellent handling of children that encourage your child’s creativity in an innovative fashion. Fun, music, games, and above all, the teaching of values are the basis of the creative lessons.

Live Translations

Our network of translators can deliver fast, accurate, high-quality, 100% human translations that suit any business needs.

Private Group Lessons

Group sessions for people who want to learn a second language for specific purposes.


We correct contracts, minutes, application documents, business correspondence, and all important documents on time and accurately.

Business 1 on 1 Lessons

Our network of instructors can deliver personalized, engaging and practical courses that will improve your business English skills.

Preparation for language certifications

Preparation for language certifications for more than 18 languages, internationally recognized, and flexible teaching with your own language coach.

Preparation for job interviews

Don’t be afraid of new challenges. We will help you develop the necessary competencies to get the job of your dream.

Business Correspondence

We take over your company’s complete foreign correspondence.
Reliable with own contact person.

Teacher Trainings

Learn the latest techniques to become an online or on-site teacher. Attract your own students with us! Get the best internationally recognized degrees now!

Live Interpreting

Our network of interpreters can deliver fast, accurate, high-quality interpretation ensuring professional results.

Tutoring and university support

Individual preparation for school-leaving exams, flexible and with own language passport, in groups or individual lessons.


We provide consulting services in groups or in individual seminars. Intensive seminars adapted to your company profile.



Our effective, transparent, and smart teaching method transforms learning into a unique & fun experience. It saves precious time, strengthens the foundations of every language, and innovates the learning process to its highest level while removing the pain points.


Our clients love the flexibility of our dedicated specialists in providing high-quality translation & interpretation services. Working in full transparency, removing pain points through our immersive methodology, and combined with our 24-7 support system, we ensure our clients’ success.


Tell us what you need and we will find the perfect solution that will meet your expectations.


Christina S. head doctor, Greece

I have irregular working hours and can be busy at the last moment, so it is very convenient that I can book my German lessons at Agemo on the same day. I give my favorite topics, which are then prepared.

My lessons contain exactly the topics that prepare me professionally for Germany. I have a whole language team behind me at Agemo. The team always adapts to my shift work. I even have my personal language coach. Whether it’s presentations; speaking in front of medical associations or communicating with patients, I’m super prepared!

J├╝rgen V. Site manager in international business

As a construction manager, I have assistants who conduct multilingual correspondence. Agemo makes my team linguistically proficient in multiple languages and also helps with accurate live translations. Interpreters can be added at any time to keep meetings running smoothly. No online tool is as good as Agemo human translations. On-time, reliable, and highly competent. I have left all my language challenges in Agemo hands and feel absolutely relieved!

Jonas S., Managing Director, Germany

The cooperation with the entire AGEMO team works wonderfully! With the well-thought-out learning concept, it is not only a lot of fun to learn a foreign language, but also super effective. Highly recommended.

Esther N., Student, Norway

I have been looking for language lessons that fit my future plans for a long time. Agemo offers me full flexibility and I can take several languages at the same time, depending on which language will help me in my job. I have a personal language passport that I can always access. I can download it and do my exercises from my cell phone or laptop at any time, which are then corrected by the team. Simply great! My personal language teachers also send me recordings with translations that I can listen to over and over again so I practice my pronunciation and vocabulary whenever I have time. I am totally enthusiastic! It doesn’t get any more individual than this! Every Euro is worth it here!

Constantin S., high school graduate Cologne, Germany

Agemo accompanied me until my Abitur. I had English advanced course and had competent help. Appointments were scheduled so that I got my appointments with the experts who are specialized in English proficiency course exactly before the exams. It was creative and most importantly, it took the pressure off me because I knew that I had support all the way to the Abitur from a team that knew exactly how to prepare me.

I am very happy to recommend it to others and would also call on the help at any time during my studies.

KARLA O.C. Key Account Manager, Guadalajara, Mexico

Agemo helped me to get my German certificate. I have now reached A2 level and can emigrate to Germany without any worries. I will continue to use Agemo language services because only this team prepares so accurately for my career challenges. If I wish, I can even receive bilingual instruction. I look forward to every appointment and know that with Agemo I will eventually reach C2 as well. Many thanks to my personal teacher from Agemo!

Juan J. Managing Director, Mexico and Germany

Agemo has prepared me super for my stay in Germany. I know for sure that my employees and colleagues will also be very well taken care of at Agemo and become business fluent in several languages. Great training! Absolutely uncomplicated and competent. Exactly what we need!

Franz P. Managing Director, Witte GmbH Germany

The lessons are flexible and exactly adapted to my needs.

I have my own contact person 24 hours a day to prepare my employees for international correspondence. Uncomplicated, fast and competent!

Anastasia A., tax consultant, Greece


As a tax consultant, I also have to deal with foreign clients, and thanks to Agemo I am able to articulate myself very well in English exactly on the topics of my professional field. Agemo created an absolutely individual curriculum for me and in a very short time, I was fit. The price-performance ratio fits, as I paid less at other language institutes but needed more hours to reach my goal. Quality pays off!